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Arizona bottled water FAQs

Arizona bottled water FAQs

ALKA1 Alkaline Water makes it simple, quick and easy for you to start service. Simply give us a call: 602-748-8636, chat, email or setup your first order yourself online here.

Your account will be already setup so just let us know what you need for your re-order with a call to 602-748-8636, email or chat and we will get back to you to confirm a delivery date.

Payments can be made securely online for your initial order via our shopping cart or by calling our office at 602-748-8636. We accept all major Credit/Debit cards. Invoices and payment receipts will be sent automatically to the email address you provide at start of service. Emailed invoices will provide a link to make a secure payment.

Deliveries are generally bi-weekly or monthly on the same day of the week. New customers will typically receive their initial delivery within a few days and then provided a regular schedule date for future deliveries.

Empty bottles are normally picked up at the time of delivery, however we know sometimes it doesn't always work out that way. Bottle returns can be scheduled in for your convenience, but may be subject to a pickup fee if we are not in your area when requested.

Bottle Deposits can only be refunded for the same amount that have been invoiced for previously.

We do not charge a cancellation fee which means you may cancel at anytime. Please make sure to submit a cancellation request at least 72hrs before billing due date or payment may still process. When cancellations are requested our delivery drivers will come to pick up any and all bottles empty or full on a scheduled pick up date, however, if there are any bottles open and in use please empty or use open bottle before scheduled pick up date. 

If you are going to be away and need to skip a delivery please make sure to submit a cancellation request at least 72hrs before your delivery date or payment may still process.

Autopay is a secure scheduled payment for your account. With autopay any unpaid invoices on your account will be processed automatically after each delivery.

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